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How the Vancouver Immigration Partnership works


Structuring an effective collaboration between VIP and its stakeholders

The chart above shows how the Vancouver Immigration Partnership has been structured to provide maximum benefit to newcomers. By drawing on the expertise of groups engaged in newcomer integration, VIP created the comprehensive New Start Strategy.

The Mayor’s Working Group on Immigration (MWGI) leads the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) by providing overall governance and direction for the initiative.

Directly supporting the MWGI are VIP’s funding, research and newcomers advisory committees that work to address those specific needs. As well, VIP’s four strategy groups work to identify the key issues, set priorities, develop action plans and implement programs that will improve the newcomer experience.

Representatives from VIP’s advisory committees and strategy groups attend MWGI meetings to ensure that project goals are moving forward. From improving access to services to creating inclusive workplaces and increasing government support, VIP’s success is dependent on these collaborations.