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FLIGHT Photo Project

Ten immigrants and refugees from Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, and Afghanistan documented their experiences settling into life in Canada as part of the FLIGHT Photo Project. Cameras4Change (C4C) collaborated with local organisations, including MOSAIC, on this participatory photo project which provided participants with cameras and training to document their first thoughts and interpretations of Canada. From the images taken, participants selected their favourite photos and wrote descriptions to go alongside each. The chosen images were then printed and exhibited this spring in a Chinatown gallery in downtown Vancouver.

A selection of photos from the exhibit are displayed below and more information about the project can be found here on the Cameras4Change website:

For information on recent City initiatives supporting refugees please visit the City's website at:


Grande Prairie Alberta. “Be strong against the problems. I took this photo as a memory on the last day that I was in Grande Prairie.” - Bahar, Iran
"I enjoyed the snow tube. I'd never been before as there's no snow in my country, and this was the first time I’d seen snow. This is me and my son. He was afraid at the beginning, but after we tried it for the first time he enjoyed it and wasn't afraid. I enjoyed the moment. The wind struck me as I went down and I liked the fresh air." - Eh Hser, Myanmar
“I took this photo in Squint Lake Park in March. It reminds me that there is always a fresh start and after winter, spring will come.” Fatemeh, Iran
“This is my favourite photo. It’s well known that people in big cities live a hectic life. I personally enjoy an easy life in a busy city.” Hlah, Myanmar
“This is my husband and child and my counselor, the person who has helped me settle in Canada. This is the first time my husband and daughter have been up this mountain. I like this photo because it shows we shared experiences together.” - Ku Shee, Myanmar
"This made me remember me and my husband in Iran." - Maryam, Iran
“This image is my favourite. It is full of colour, which is why I took it. The playground represents a place you can go to relax with family, and go and play with the children, or have a picnic.” - Omar, Iraq
"This is my sister in law, Ku Shee, in a traditional Korean shirt.” - Paw, Thailand
“This is my favourite photo. It looks like a path that keeps going and going and you can’t see the end of it. It took me three attempts to get this shot, to angle it up right and get the symmetry. I see this photo representing that it is up to me how I choose to make things happen and how I see myself in Canada. I will be the creator of it and choose it to be how I want.”- Rafi, Afghanistan
“This photo was taken during a field trip to Squamish. It shows my interest to know more about the nature and geography of my new land, Canada.” - Waheed, Afghanistan

All photos are displayed with the permission and consent of FLIGHT and their participants.