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Introducing The Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP)

Helping the city’s newcomers become locals 

Newcomers can face barriers to integrating into their new communities. The Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) initiative aims to change that. This Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program is designed to assist newcomers in integrating into city life. By supporting the sharing of community-based knowledge and local strategic planning, improving accessibility to services, and the creation of the New Start Strategy,  VIP is helping newcomers on their paths to becoming Vancouverites.

Once newcomers become familiar with services, local culture, and networks, the integration process becomes much easier. With that sense of ease comes greater social engagement. As friendships with other people bloom, so does a deeper sense of belonging and connection. And fostering a feeling of inclusion for our city’s immigrants is the ultimate goal of VIP.

VIP builds on the success of the Welcoming Communities Initiative (2013/14), a City of Vancouver project that involved 27 of the city's most respected community service agencies. This collaboration saw the creation of innovative and effective strategies designed to increase understanding, awareness and communication in supporting the unique needs and perspectives of Vancouver's newcomers. VIP will move this work forward by focusing on the following four areas: 

  1. Enhancing Newcomers Access to Services and Programs
  2. Strengthening Intercultural and Civic Engagement
  3. Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces
  4. Having Governments and Public Institutions Address Newcomers Needs

Employing strategy groups and advisory committees, and with the support of the Mayor's Working Group on Immigration, VIP reached a key milestone in September 2016 with the adoption of the New Start Strategy. Over the coming years VIP will implement the Strategy's 28 Priority actions.

To learn more about the VIP, click here.