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VIP'S four areas of focus

How the success of the Welcoming Communities project informs VIP's work

The Vancouver Immigration Partnership's (VIP's) four areas of focus build on the work of the Welcoming Communities Project (WCP) that concluded in March 2014. The WCP’s working groups fulfilled five unique initiatives designed to enhance the newcomer experience and create more welcoming communities.

The outcomes of the WCP included the creation of the First Peoples: A Guide for Newcomers and Growing Roots: A Newcomer's Guide to Vancouver. Community Action Circles explored how to engage newcomers and long-time residents in creating "place-based" neighbourhood activities and events. Under the leadership of MOSAIC, Business Improvement Associations champions came together to define the issues surrounding diversity in the workplace. Finally, recognizing that working together is essential to creating welcoming communities, WCP's Planning and Collaboration Working Group developed a blueprint for improved collaboration between organizations involved in newcomer settlement and integration.

Through the discussions, research and planning undertaken by the WCP’s working groups, complementary themes for improving newcomers' experience arose. Those themes became the foundation for VIP's four areas of focus. Over the next year, VIP will be developing strategies to improve newcomers experience in the following areas:

  • Enhancing Newcomers Access to Services and Programs
  • Strengthening Intercultural and Civic Engagement
  • Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces
  • Governments and Public Institutions Addressing Needs