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Intercultural and Civic Engagement Conversation Starter

Increasing newcomers’ sense of belonging

Adapting to new life and finding one’s way in new environments can be hard for newcomers. Meeting the challenges of understanding a new culture, learning a new language and discovering the City’s resources are key to successful settlement.

Making new friends and establishing social connections are equally important for successful integration. Assumptions, prejudices and “us-and-them” attitudes all get in the way of increasing newcomers’ sense of belonging and civic engagement.

The Intercultural and Civic Engagement Conversation Starter provides great jumping off points for discussion about how strategies for community engagement positively impact newcomers' lives. Developed to provide the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) stakeholders with some key facts and information, this conversation starter is valuable for anyone seeking better understanding of these issues. The information contained in this document, which identifies the gaps and challenges in building social connection and accessing engagement opportunities for newcomers, comes from current databases and research studies.

Intercultural and Civic Engagement is one of VIP's four areas of focus. The facts and figures within the conversation starter provide are evidence of why addressing this challenge is an essential component of the partnership's work.

To read the Intercultural and Civic Engagement Conversation Starter, click here.