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Knowledge & Research

The Knowledge and Resources section contains research documents produced by the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) as well as a variety of other links to background documents that have helped to inform the work to date.

Immigration Matters

This background paper explores how immigrants are making ends meet, the support available for newcomers, diversity in Vancouver's neighbourhoods and explains how VIP's work will be integrated into the City of Vancouver's Healthy City initiative.

The Vancouver Immigrant Survey

In February 2015, Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) conducted the Vancouver Immigrant Survey which focused on issues relating to accessing services, finding jobs, and participating in the community. With the assistance of VIP’s community partners, data on the experiences of over 1,800 recent and long-time immigrants was gathered and the highlights can be found in this section. A more detailed report on the survey will be published later in the year.

VIP's Conceptual Framework

As VIP worked to develop the New Start Strategy, the partnership was guided by the VIP Conceptual Framework which is shaped by two key sources: research literature supported by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the City of Vancouver Health City Strategy (HCS). This section provides a graphic illustration of VIP's Conceptual Framework as well as a detailed overview of the conceptual framework and its influences.

Conversation Starters

VIP has produced a number of documents since the partnership was first established in the fall of 2014. The Conversation Starters provide great jumping off points for discussion on each of VIP's four focus areas: Access to Services, Intercultural and Civic Engagement, Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces and Governments and Public Institutions Addressing needs. Developed to provide Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) stakeholders with key facts and information, these conversation starters are valuable for anyone seeking better understanding of these issues. 

Vancouver Immigrant Profile

Based on Statistic Canada's 2011 National Household Survey, the Vancouver Immigrant profile provides important socio-demographic information about Vancouver's Immigrant population in a series of accessible infographics.  More detailed facts and figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS), provide a glimpse into Vancouver’s evolving immigrant population in the Vancouver Immigrant Profile backgrounder which can also be found in this section.

Background Documents

A number of the key documents which helped shape the development and overall framework of the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) can be found in this section. Among these documents is literature about Local Immigration Partnerships and the City of Vancouver Healthy City Strategy.