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Background Documents


Several key documents helped shape the overall framework of the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP). Key among these documents is literature about Local Immigration Partnerships and the City of Vancouver Healthy City Strategy. These documents are linked to this page. The City's Welcoming Communities initiative that operated between 2013 and 2014, also informed the development of VIP. (The program for the Welcoming Communities Summit, held in March 2014, is also included below.)

To find out more about the other studies and statistical information that inspired the development of VIP, please click on the links below:

These five documents outline the issues facing immigrants and draw on information from numerous studies carried out during the past decade. This source material can be found in the references contained within these documents.

To read any of the following documents that informed VIP, please click on the links below:

  1. The Welcoming Communities 2014 Summit Program
  2. Welcoming Communities Collaborative Model for Vancouver: Suggestion for a "Blueprint"
  3. Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership Report to Council 
  4. Mayor's Working Group on Immigration Report to Counci
  5. Characteristics of  a Welcoming Community  
  6. Local Immigration Partnership Overview Presentation by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  7. Vancouver Immigration Partnership Backgrounder: Immigration Matters in Vancouver
  8. Vancouver Immigration Partnership Conversation Starters