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New Start: A Vancouver Strategy


The New Start Strategy (PDF, 11MB) was the result of a 16 month process that engaged nearly 120 people from 72 organizations and groups. The membership is comprised of the Mayor's Working Group on Immigration, four Strategy Groups and one Research Advisory Committee. Building on the City's Healthy City Strategy (HCS) goals, vision statement from the Mayor's Working Group on Immigration, and inclusive Communities and Workplaces initiatives (2013-14), VIP members collectively developed the New Start Strategy with focus on four themes:

  1. Enhancing Access to Services;
  2. Strengthening Intercultural and Civic Engagement;
  3. Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces; and
  4. Government and Public Institutions Addressing Needs.

These four themes correspond to the Healthy City Strategy's goals of access to human services, being able to make ends meet, feeling connected and included, and collaborative leadership.

A total of 28 priority actions are proposed in the New Start Strategy.